Top Ten Favourite Costumes for Halloween 2015

Here at DOLL we love dressing up and being playful. It’s one of the best things about being a “big kid”, you finally fit in those adult size costumes! When you were a young child you typically looked up to the older kids and famous icons and the teen/adult size costumes usually portrayed a more accurate look of the characters assemble, the child version was usually pretty disappointing.

In honour of the one time of year (aside from COMIC-CON) where you are able to fulfill those childhood dreams (and the ones you had yesterday shhh), and fully dress up as one of your favourite characters. Here is our top ten 2015 costumes we cannot take our eyes off of.


JESSICA RABBIT – Amra Olevic & India Westbrooks

Not that we didn’t like Heidi Klum’s version of JR, hers did resembled the cartoon the most. Heidi was completely unrecognizable in full costume – which included prosthetics on her face and certainly on her curves.

But our picks, natural bombshells Amra & India. They both filled out their dress to a t without any enhancement. They are the modern day Jessica Rabbits, especially with Amra’s amazing makeup talents, which has every girl in North America and worldwide wanting to be her BFF- yep, that’s us! We could only imagine the amount of men falling at their feet all night but lets be honest, that is probably a typical day for these beauties.
Amrezy - Amra Olevic as Jessica Rabbit

India Westbrooks


LADY KARL featuring Kendall Jenner – Monica Rose

I love it when DOLLS think outside of the box and do their own interpretation of an icon. We love how original this is, and if it weren’t for the styling talents of Monica it wouldn’t happen quite like this. Monica Rose is the styling mastermind behind the majority of the Jenner girls looks along with a ton of other celebrities including their Kardashian sisters. We love her style and how she puts pieces together is truly a talent.

Kendall Jenner + Monica Rose



The professional makeup artist really knows how to crack the whip! Ever since Brittney Spears’ Circus album came out who hasn’t been inspired to join the circus for a night.

Jaclyn Hill as The Ring Leader


A MERMAID – Jen Selter

Not only does Jen lure women into the gym full of inspiration to tone up their derrieres like the famous fitness model. And now sailors and any man with a pulse will without a doubt follow Jen into the sea or any place she desires.

Jen Selter as a Mermaid


WONDER WOMAN – Chelsea Houska

This costume doesn’t get old, it will always be on the list for most girls. We especially love it for Chelsea who has gotten in amazing shape within the past two years and wears this costume well. And lets be frank, what single mom isn’t considered to be wonder woman?

Chelsea Houska as Wonder Woman


ROMY & MICHELLE – Jessica Alba and Kelly Sawyer

There’s something really fun about dressing up with your best friend as a team. We bet a lot of girls now want to re-watch the 90s movie Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. ” I invented Post-its”.

Jessica Alba + Kelly Sawyer



The walking dead has been a Halloween classic but the past few years it has gone to another level with incredible makeup detail. Professional makeup artists get to showcase their talent in a interesting way and let their imagination run wild.

Norvina as the Walking Dead


KIM KARDASHIAN – Kim Kardashian

Nobody does Kim K , like Kim K. And yes, we understand some people wont get why this is on our list and that’s fine. As a pregnant woman your options are limited but aside that, this outfit – the Metball 2013 look is iconic. I personally understand why she would want to re-wear this custom made Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci floral long sleeved gown with the matching gloves!

Most of us girls love the fact Halloween is an opportunity for us to get to throw on a pass old favourite dress or piece from their closet they typically can’t bring in today’s wardrobe.

Kim Kardashian West


PINK POWER RANGER – Justine Dufour-Lapointe

We all wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger watching the tv show before school. I mean what girl doesn’t love being the cool girl that can hold their own and hang with the boys?

The Canadian freestyle skier,2014 reigning Olympic Gold medalist & 2015 world champion both in moguls, seen here with Mikael Kingsburg (as the Red Ranger) keeping the village of Mont Tremblant safe.

Justine Dufour-Lapointe as the Pink Power Ranger



If only butterflies looked this fantastical. Sometimes you don’t need to over do it and get a full costume. Wear a cute dress & shoes and add a dramatic piece (like wings) matched with beautiful bold makeup, just like fashion + beauty blogger & icon Laura Badura.

Laura Badura

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